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Are you a series writer?

Are you a series writer ?
Do you believe that culture is the link that ties our European countries together?
Do you believe TV Series are an important part of our common culture ?
Are you open to collaborating, sharing and exchanging with fellow creators ?
Are you up for some inspiration ?

Then let’s create stories together.
Read on, and join the club.

The newly founded European Writers Club is inviting (and paying) 10 experienced European writers to join a network of like-minded creators. The writers will work together with broadcasters and producers in this new creative experience aimed at boosting the ideas of our European creators.


The Boosting Ideas session consists of 2 one-week camps, with a month in between, built on the methodology of pre-writing, developed by Le Groupe Ouest:


WHO ? 

10 creators/writers and 10 broadcasters.


2 one-week camps, with a month in between.


October 24-29 in Copenhagen, Denmark

December 5-10 in Tallinn, Estonia.


Writers must have a proven track record as creator and/or writer of at least three episodes of a TV series that was aired in a minimum of 2 European countries. The selection process will take into consideration the production capacity of our partnering countries and can make exceptions accordingly.
The writers must be personally recommended by a broadcasting commissioner, an EWC partner, independent producer or fellow writer.

The selected writers will receive a grant of 8 000 euros for their participation in the EWC Boosting Ideas Session.



Deadline for submitting application: 23rd of August 2022

Final selection and answer: 16th of September, 2022

To apply, submit:

  1. Your CV/filmography

  2. An example of a scene from your previous work (max. 5 pages), preferably in English (translated)

  3. A recommendation letter from - in this order of preference -  a broadcaster (ideally one of our attached broadcasters) or streaming services, one of the EWC partner, producer and/or other writers.

  4. A video (preferred) or written statement uploaded with the application, where you express your motivation to join the EWC  -  all candidates pre-selected will be contacted for a video call. 

About European Writers Club

The European Writers Club (EWC) is a new pilot programme, supported by the EU Commission under its latest initiative called “Writing European”. EWC is all about creative empowerment and building an infrastructure that can compete with those of the global streamers. EWC is centered around two sessions: Boosting Ideas is intended for European writers and commissioners, explore their creativity and foster new original ideas for TV Series.

Some of these ideas will be invited to our second session, Boosting Concepts which will take place in spring 2023.

For questions please contact both:

Thomas Gammeltoft
Head of project

Nawell Amour
Project manager

Apply to join the European
Writers Club

Submit here your application video...
...or written statement
Send us your recommendation letter
Submit here an example of your writing

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