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Participating broadcasters :


To provide an inspiring environment to learn industry news,
share best practice and trial tools across the 4 C’s of commissioning:

- Co-create; European industry & audience insights
to inspire new ideas with a shared vision of success.

- Collaborate; building trusting, creative relationships
and giving great feedback to build on initial ideas.

- Coach; enabling and driving ambition for concepts,
with specialist commissioner story and pitch coaching.


- Commission; committing to concepts and agreeing
next steps.


Help find European concepts and hopefully turn them into European series.

To provide a reliable network as well as creative resources for Broadcasters facing increasing competition for writers
and ideas from SVODs, streamers.

To build stronger, lasting creative relationships between Broadcasters
and the creators, writers and producers.

Boosting Broadcasters will be
a special session, facilitated within
the Boosting Ideas and Boosting Concepts camps. It is aimed at those broadcasters who participate in EWC. 


2 days during each of Boosting Ideas 
and Boosting Concepts camps

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The broadcasters will be given constructive feedback on the art
of giving notes,
from the birth of an idea to the very end, when notes have to be given on the final episodes in the editing room. 


Broadcasters will share working methods, be inspired by collaborative processes, and furthermore be encouraged to largen their network allowing  them to be able to act more agile in the greenlighting phase, which they need in today’s tough competition with the global


These sessions will be closely developed between broadcasters, creators and producers and inputs will be welcome to give the best
and most meaningful boost.

Leading Creative Talents

Boosting Broadcasters will be led by Linda Green, founder of Leading Creative Talent and former Head of BBC Creative Leadership. With a degree in Economics from the LSE, Linda bridges the creative and commercial world; developing creative strategy, ground-breaking ideas and coaching top leaders in global media companies.

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