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Lead by TorinoFilmLab / SeriesLab programme

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Boosting concepts 1

Boosting concepts 2

Cork, Ireland - 11th to 16th of April 2023

Galicia, Spain   30th of May to 5th of June  2023

2x one week camps with one month in between.

6 concepts and their creators invited to boost and further
qualify their projects with the help of experienced writers
from abroad  who have signed up for collaboration.

6 creators/writers with concepts, 6 co-writers as “writers consultants”, 6 producers, 5 experts/researchers, 2 mentors,
10 broadcasters and staff.

2 to 4 strong European series ready for commission.

(IP with the creator).

Boosting Concepts is facilitated
by the Torino Series Lab and offers
a unique platform looking at content creators’ needs and offering support during the most delicate phases.
The key element of boosting concepts is hands-on, learning-by-doing,

project-based work.

The model places collaboration at the heart of the working method, promoting group work as an efficient tool to strengthen the quality
of the concepts and to enhance the creative process.


Creators/writers who have been chosen with their concepts will get feedback and enter into a dialogue and writers-rooms with high-end creators/writers from other countries, to sharpen and scale up
the potential of their concepts
and open them up towards a larger European audience. 

In Boosting Concepts, we will provide each creator and concept
with an expert on the subject matter of the concept.
These experts shall be on the wish list of the creators and shall
as such be chosen and closely coordinated with the creators


SeriesLab by TorinoFilmLab

Boosting Broadcasters will be a special session, facilitated within the Boosting Ideas and Boosting Concepts camps. It is aimed at those broadcasters who participate in EWC.

The lab stands out for involving all the main players involved
in TV series production – scriptwriters, producers
and TV broadcasters – and for offering a close link between scriptwriting process and TV industry.


The lab follows the entire process of creation of a TV series concept, offering the support of highly qualified tutors
and story editors in generating ideas and structuring
the material, up to a final presentation in front of a selection of the major key players of the international TV industry,
from a special event organized by TorinoFilmLab in conjunction with one of the main European TV series markets.

The aim is to draft the treatment of the pilot and the concept presentation (mini-bible) of the project.


SeriesLab is realised thanks to the support of Creative
Europe - MEDIA Sub-programme of the European Union;
in partnership with VAF - Flanders Audiovisual Fund thanks to which the course welcomes 1 project from the Flanders region of Belgium
and with MDM - Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung, hosting the June module in Halle. The final presentation of SeriesLab 2022 projects
will be hosted by MIA, in Rome in October.

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