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Lead by Le Groupe Ouest

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Boosting ideas 1

Boosting ideas 2

Copenhagen, Denmark - 23rd -28th of October 2022 

Tallinn, Estonia - 5th - 10th of December 2022

2x one week camps with one month in between.

12 top level creators and writers from Europe will be invited
to the caps dedicated to exchanging, inspiring and pre-writing.

12 writers, 5 experts, 2 mentors, 15 broadcasters,
producers and staff.

Resulting projects will be eligible for selection
in the Boosting Concept Session.

3 or 4 strong concepts
for European series.

(IP to be shared in good faith).

Boosting Ideas will be facilitated
by Le Groupe Ouest and builds upon their methodology of 
and fuses this with experiences
from a recent transnational pilot
project between French and Danish writers, during which they collaborated in the development of new ideas
for tv-series.

Pre-writing is designed to address the challenge
of writers tending to write too early.
From the field of neuroscience/cognitive science, it is apparent
that writing too early is most of the time paralyzing the birth
of new possibilities and stronger or more surprising story paths.

Pre-writing builds upon oral storytelling and feedback
from the audience
or other writers.

Inspiration from outside our industry is another important
element in Boosting Ideas.

During the camps, we will take in experts and Inspirators from outside our industry to give our creators their view on their field: how they get inspired, how they develop and construct within their field?


Le Groupe Ouest

Le Groupe Ouest seeks to further filmmaking in Brittany
in a context of European cooperation and innovation.

1. A unique place in France dedicated to writers, filmmakers and script development.

2. An Applied Research Platform for Storytelling.

3. An innovative approach where businesses take part in the development of Brittany’s filmmaking industry.

Le Groupe Ouest is co-founder of the Cross Channel Film Lab,
created LIM | Less is More – the European feature film development programme for committed filmmakers in a changing world,
as well as the StoryTANK – Think Tank bringing screenwriters
& researchers together. In 2014, Le Groupe Ouest created the first French endowment fund dedicated to supporting independent cinema:
the Breizh Film Fund.

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