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from facts to fiction

Boosting and accelerating stories for scripted TV series based on true events

Stories with impact


Led by Le Groupe Ouest

2x one-week camps with two months in between.


1x concluding two-day pitch conference

6x documented and investigative stories, in development, for scripted TV-series.

6x teams of established writers, journalists/documentarists/researchers, producers and broadcasters.

A highly collaborative, creative safe space with the goal of boosting each story's international TV-series potential.

2 to 4 strong European series ready for commission.

(IP to be shared in good faith).

Boosting Impact will be facilitated
by Le Groupe Ouest and will build upon a methodology tailor-made for Boosting Impact.

Le Groupe Ouest is known for their famous method: Pre-writing.

Pre-writing is designed to address the challenge faced by writers starting to write too early.
From the field of neuroscience/cognitive science, it is apparent
that writing too early paralyses the birth of new story-possibilities and stronger or more surprising story paths.

Pre-writing builds upon oral storytelling and feedback
from the audience
or other writers.

Inspiration from outside our industry is another important
element in Boosting Impact.

Boosting Impact 2

Boosting Impact 3 - 2 day conference

Boosting Impact 1

Madrid, Spain - 10th - 14th of June 2024

Copenhagen, Denmark - September 2024

Hamburg, Germany  - 8th - 12th of April 2024

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The concept team shall constitute of a writer, a producer and a journalist, researcher or scientist on whos research the is based upon.

The writers shall apply on behalf of the team.

The journalistic or scientific research, the story is based on, shall be accessable for the selection committee. If already published book, podcast, documentary, etc, link to be attached.

The team shall be in devlopment with the concept (not in script stage) when applying.

The applying creator/writer shall have at least one creator’s credit or have written a min. of 2 episodes on a show, which has been aired in more than 2 countries in EU (inclusive of the country of origin) can apply.

The project shall come recommended by a broadcaster and/or a producer with a motivation letter.

All legal shall be proven clarified prior to applying.

All applicants (writers and journalists) shall have a EU citizenship.

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