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Do you have a concept?

We now open our call for Boosting Concepts.

This is not an open call, but a call only aimed for you as the attached broadcasters to the European Writers Club.

As part of European Writers Club, you are all invited to each submit 1-3 projects in the form of a mini-bible (synopsis, story outline, characters description, season outline) - a maximum of 10 pages.


6 concepts

HOW ? 

2 one-week camps, with a month in between facilitated by TorinoFilmLab


April 11th - 16th, 2023, in Cork, Ireland

May 30th - June 5th 2023 in Orense, spain



The concepts you submit shall meet the following criteria:

  • Projects that you regard with relevance for a European audience and thereby potential for European co-production, co-financing and co-creation.

  • The Concepts submitted shall be projects that you would like to see developed and boosted.

  • The projects shall have a creator or head writer who will attend in our camps, see below.

  • The project shall be with an independent production company, meaning not produced in house or by production company affiliated to a broadcasting company..

  • If you wish to submit a concept based on one of the ideas presented to you in our Boosting Ideas session, the same obligation of attaching an independent production company applies. However, taking in consideration the delay it may cause, the submission of concepts originating from a boosting ideas camp are granted an extra 3 weeks to apply.



Deadline for submission of concept: 22nd of December, 2022

Deadline for submission of concept originating from Boosting Ideas: 10th of January, 2023

Final selection and answer: 1st of February, 2023

To apply, submit:

  1. A mini-bible (synopsis, story outline, characters description, season outline) of a maximum of 10 pages.

  2. A recommendation letter from you as broadcaster on the project.

  3. A creator/writer’s statement, emphasizing what they expect to achieve with being boosted within Boosting Concepts.

  4. A producer’s statement, with a description of the history of the project development and why they want to be included in Boosting Concepts.

  5. If you are a producer applying on behalf of a braodcaster, you need to attach a letter of commitment (in the development of the project) from the broadcaster.

For questions please contact both:

Thomas Gammeltoft
Head of project

Nawell Amour
Project manager

Apply to submit your concept to the European Writers Club's Boosting Sessions

Submit here your mini-bible
Send us a broadcaster's recommendation letter
Send us a creator/writer's statement
Send us a producer's statement
Letter of commitment

Thank you ! Please wait for your confirmation email (check your spam).

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