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Interview Open Letter from Head of Programme

Thomas Gammeltoft
the 20th of April 2023


We have just finish our first camp of Boosting Concept in Cork thanks to our partner Screen Ireland, who were one of the first to jump onboard our project. Also many thanks to The National Talent Academies, who really helped us in finding venues and location and get out to the local industry. You really made us all feel welcome. Our venue for the week was the beautiful convent and museum Nano Nagel, which overlooks Cork. They have great facilities for venues like the EWC camps with around 45 participants and they have the most beautiful garden and wonderful Good Day Deli.  

On the experience of our week, it was all we have wished for and worked on happening. It was cross pollination between writers, consultant writers, producers and broadcasters. It was something special to all of us in the EWC and TorinoFilmLab team and especially the ones amongst us who have been going with this in our heads for some years now. It seemed that all participants got a lot out of the week. 


We can tick all boxes of our EWC goals which are: to create a room of trust and a network between writers, producers and broadcasters where stories can be boosted and co-developed. 

A place, where we can share thoughts, ideas, strategies and trends. 

And last but not the least, a space where concepts will be boosted with voices and feedback from likeminded colleagues from other countries to enable the project to appeal to a broader audience from the very start. This, we believe, eventually, and organically, enables the project to appeal to a broader audience from the very start.

As always during a camp, we are hosting and Open Club, which can be a dialogue based, a masterclass or simply a talk. We always define it with the local industry. This time around Teresa and Andrew from Screen Ireland suggested an Open Club with the iconic and legendary producer David Putnam. As he has always been my idol, this simply was a dream come true and He gave a fantastic talk on the importance of original voices and the responsibility we as part of the storytelling industry carry upon us towards our audience. Thank you very much, David. I think I can say on behalf of all of us attending: It was a great and important experience.'' Thomas


This Open Club have been recorded and will soon be available to stream from our along with interviews with our participants from our first camp in Cork. 

In the end of May, we will be in Ourense hosted by Xunta de Galicia and AGADIC our founding partner and co-beneficiary. Here we will continue the development of all of the 6 selected projects with our great tutors, the consultant writers, the producers and our broadcasters. Can’t wait. By the way,  you can dive into in each of the 6 selected concepts in this and coming newsletters.


We are very much looking forward to getting back to you after this camp to share.


Thomas Gammeltoft

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