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Selection process and point system

Selection criteria

These are the different criteria our selection committee will be evaluating while reviewing each application.

  1. Gender diversity

  2. Broadcaster recommendation

  3. Experience of the writer

  4. Low Production Capacity Country

  5. Impact – importance and relevance of the true story:  

    1. Is the topic of the true story relevant in more than one country? 

    2. Is the true story, by nature, crossing borders? Or involving multiple nationalities?

    3. How current and relevant is the subject matter? 

    4. How high is the potential for societal impact for this project? Can it create new awareness, make change, etc. 

    5. Does the content of the true story include social and cultural diversity?

  6. Quality of research and access:

    1. How thorough is the research on the true story conducted? 

    2. Does the project have entertainment potential (interesting characters, arena, plot, etc.) and the ability to reach a broader audience? 

   7. Motivation video/letter:

         1. How satisfying are the videos/letters of motivation from the writer, the researcher/etc., and the producer.

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