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We are EWC,
European Writers Club 

The European Writers Club is a pilot programme, supported by the European Union under its latest initiative called “Writing European”. 

About us

EWC aims to spark and facilitate collaboration between creators, writers, broadcasters, and producers of European TV series to boost creativity and originality in telling important, impactful stories that transcend to a larger European audience across borders.

We support the main vision of the EU to unite the European countries and create a common platform for a sense of connectedness.


We aim to boost, upscale, and upgrade stories that resonate with Europeans of all walks of life. In a time where Europe is fragmented on multiple geopolitical levels, we help create stories that are relevant on a supranational level, - stories that unite European talents and audiences and generate profit.

We create a room of trust in between the industry creatives with the writers in focus, where ideas are welcomed with open arms, tried and tested, and developed in iterative processes.


We bring industry professionals, including writers, producers, broadcasters, and institutes, together in a unique European network. By inspiring, exchanging and collaborating with each other, EWC fast-tracks ideas to audiences using a toolbox of new methods and initiatives.


We boost stories that unite Europe, transcend borders, and speak into new paradigms. We believe that borderless collaboration creates fertile soil for the best stories.

Our team

We are a tight-knit team of four people, working together since 2021.
While coming from different countries and backgrounds, and adding our unique perspectives to each other's experience and knowledge, we work together towards the same goal.

Lucia San Miguel, originally from Argentina and now residing in Denmark for the past 7 years, is a professional in Communication design with an educational background in Filmmaking and Communication Design & Media. With experience in sales, communication & marketing, and film production, she has held roles ranging from project management to team leadership. Her rich multicultural background enriches her work, creating innovative solutions and improving connections across borders.

Meet our advisory board

Femke Wolting.jpg

Femke Wolting
Independent Producer

Co-founder of Submarine, Netherlands

Dr. Emmelius_Simone.jpg

Dr. Simone Emmelius

SVP International Fiction, Co-production and Acquisition

ZDF, Germany


Ivar Køhn

CEO & Producer

Rubicon Norway

Peter Andermatt 2022 light.jpg

Peter Andermatt

Head of MEDIA Office


Pernille Bech Christensen.jpg

Pernille Bech Christensen

Senior Executive Producer

TV2, Denmark


Elizabeth López Gómez

Director of SGAE Audiovisual

SGAE, Spain

nikolaj scherfig.jpg

Nikolaj Scherfig
Screenwriter & Head of the Danish writers' union


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