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The European Writers Club (EWC) is a new pilot programme,
supported by the European Union under its latest initiative
called “Writing European”.  

EWC aims to spark and facilitate collaboration between creators, writers, broadcasters and producers
of European TV series. We want to help our members boost their creativity and originality, and tell stories that appeal
a larger European audience, across borders. Our work will encourage European commissioners to seek new,
original ideas instead of relying on previous results.

EWC will create a unique European network of industry professionals. In addition to a collective and collaborative process
of sharing, exchanging and getting inspired, EWC will introduce new methods of creating stories. Through our partnerships, we aim to secure faster access to market for the best original ideas, and capture a large European audience with storytelling that transcends borders.  EWC is all about creative empowerment and building an infrastructure that can compete with those of the global streamers.



Thomas Gammeltoft
CEO & Head of European Writer's Club


Since May 2022, Thomas Gammeltoft has been appointed as the Head
of the European Writers Club, he has been responsible for the creation, funding and building of the project since its very start together
with the EWC founding partners.

Before leading the EWC,  Thomas became partner and executive
producer in Sweet Chili Entertainment, now True Content Entertainment,
which is an independent production and distribution company covering
the Nordics and Italy.

Thomas Gammeltoft also has a background as CEO of Copenhagen Film Fund (2013-2019), the first regional film fund in Copenhagen, and before then partner and executive producer in the Danish production company Fine & Mellow.

IMG_5645 -

Elizabeth Ann Skytte
Logistics Manager



Elizabeth Ann Skytte is 60 years old, married and mother of 3 daughters.  

She holds a degree in French and physical education
from the Copenhagen University.

She started working as production manager on TV in 1988
and did so for 15 years. Besides being a production manager she specialized in Teambuilding, events and coordination for private companies. Two years ago she was elected city councillor of a small French village in the southern montains of the Cote d'Azur – Villars sur Var. She speaks English, French and understands the Scandinavian languages as well as German.

At the EWC she is in charge of making sure all participants travel
smoothly and with a roof over their heads in each camps. 


Nawell Amour
Project Manager


After growing up between Paris and the UK, she graduated
with a Master in International Business Law from the Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne in 2016 and went on to obtain an MSc in Global Politics
from Durham University (U.K.) 


Nawell has started her career at the European Producers Club
where she worked on several political files such as the AVMS Directive,
the first Green Production Charter etc. She also had the charge
of the partnerships of the EPC with festivals and international markets
and organizing the now famous EPC Coproduction Meetings.
She left the EPC with fond memories and strong friendships
with the 300 independent producers part of the association. 

In May 2022 she took on the position as Project Manager at the EWC. 

Nina Voit photo .jpg

Nina Voit
Project Coordinator



Nina is the latest addition to the EWC Team.

Multitasking is one of Nina's forte as she manages to juggle her position as project coordinator, the finalization of her Master Degree in Film and Media Studies from the University of Copenhagen and her busy family life.

Nina grew up in Switzerland where her love for storytelling, creative project development and the art of film led her to travel and learn. She has obtained two bachelor degrees: the first in Humanities (Cinema & Literature) and the second in Performing Arts.

Nina has been living in Copenhagen for the last 10 years and speaks fluently french, English and danish.

At the EWC, Nina is in charge of the smooth sailing of the projects and is happy to do it, always, with a smile on her face.

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