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Boosting Impact
From facts to fiction

Boosting and accelerating stories for scripted TV series based on true events. Stories with impact.
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Facilitated by
Le Groupe Quest

Our initiative, Boosting Impact, is designed together with Le Groupe Ouest, who will be the facilitator for both camps.

In collaboration with
La Cité Européenne des Scénaristes


If you are an emerging writer, apply for Boosting Impact through La Cité Européenne des Scénaristes' programme.


6 TV series projects from 6 different countries will be selected and will follow a common and collective process especially designed for Boosting Impact.


We have built a framework providing a creative environment maximizing the quality of exchanges between writers, producers and broadcasters in the perspective of generating the most consistent path for your TV series. In addition, the researchers (scientists, journalists etc.), who provided the original source material for your story, will be part of the initial process.


Through a sharing space based on trust, the teams will contribute to each other’s projects.

The camps are primarily focused on practice. Your team will explore your project's original material from different angles and perspectives. The potential of your project will be broadened and strengthened through varied creative methods, based on knowledge from cognitive neuroscience, psychology, and pre-writing tools.


Thus, the camps will be your forum for testing and further exploring your ideas, storylines, arenas and characters in a collective creative atmosphere, conducted by the “sparing partners” (tutors) working closely with le Groupe Ouest.

Our Goal

We ensure a highly collaborative, creative safe space with the goal of boosting each story's international TV series potential.

The goal is for your TV series concept to become a strong European series ready for commission. (IP to be shared in good faith).


  • 6x teams of established writers, journalists/documentarists/scientists, producers and broadcasters.

  • 6x documented and investigative stories, in development, for scripted TV series.

  • 2x one-week camps.

  • 2x months in-between the camps where you are expected to further develop your project with deliveries prior to the 2nd camp.

  • 1x concluding two-day pitch conference where broadcasters and other industry decision makers will be invited.

Camp no. 1

08 - 12 April
Hamburg / Germany

Camp no. 2

10 - 14 June
Galicia / Spain
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Camp no. 3

2 days September
Copenhagen  / Denmark
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for applicants

The concept team must constitute of a writer, a producer and a journalist, scientist, documentarist, etc, on whose research the idea is based upon.

The journalistic or scientific research, the story is based on, must be accessible for the selection committee. If already published book, podcast, documentary, etc, link to be attached.

The team must be in development with the concept (not in script stage) when applying.


The applying creator/writer must have at least one creator’s credit on a TV Drama-series or have written a min. of 2 episodes on a TV Drama-series, which has been aired in more than 2 countries in EU (inclusive of the country of origin).


The project must come recommended by a broadcaster and/or a producer with a recommendation letter.


The writer or the producer must apply on behalf of the whole team.

All legal shall be proven clarified prior to applying.

Only EU citizen are eligible for applying.

Important to know before you apply

Your producer will be invited to participate for a few days during each of the two camps.

If you have one of our broadcasters attached to your project, they will be invited to participate during the first two days of each camp.

We will ask you to bring on a consultant writer to work with you in the 2nd camp. This writer should be experienced (same criteria as for main writer) and come from a country other than that already represented in the project. If you cannot find this consultant writer, please inform us and we will match you up with one.

You will have an emerging writer appointed to your project. As such, you will become mentor for your emerging writer during the period of the entire session (the two camps, the interim and the Presentation conference). You will get to meet your emerging writer online prior to the first camp.


The selected writer will receive a fee of €6.000 (covering the whole session period: from the 1st camp to the final presentation in Copenhagen). 


The journalist, scientist or documentarist will receive a fee of €3.000 for participating in the 1st camp (5 day stay).

The consultant writer will receive a fee of €3.000 for participating in the 2nd camp (5 day stay).

The emerging writer will receive a fee of €1.500 per month for a total of 3 months.

The producer will not receive any remuneration, but will be invited for 2-3 days for each camp.


All expenses (including travel and accommodation) will be covered by EWC for all of the participants.

Apply to join

Before applying, please read the conditions.

Application deadline 31 December.

Established writer

Are you applying to Boosting Impact as an established writer, a producer or a journalist, scientist or documentarist etc..?

Emerging writer

Are you applying to La Cité Européene des Scénariste’s mentorship programme as an emerging writer?

Meet our facilitators

These are the people behind the innovative tailor-made Boosting Impact methodology.

Meet our broadcasters

Alongside Boosting Impact, 10 broadcasters will be participating in Boosting Broadcasters.

Tereza Polachová .png

Tereza Polachová
International Fiction
Head of co-production

Ceska Televize, Czech Republic

Morad Koufane.png

Morad Koufane

Head of International Scripted Series

France Télévisions, France

Margrét Jónasdóttir.png

Margrét Jónasdóttir

Deputy Head of TV

Rúv, Iceland

Malin Nevander.png

Malin Nevander

Head of Development

SVT, Sweden

Pernille Bech Christensen.png

Pernille Bech Christensen

Senior Executive Producer in
the Fiction Department

TV2, Denmark

dr, Simone Emmelius.png

Dr. Simone Emmelius

SVP International Fiction
Co-production and Acquisition

ZDF, Germany

Marianne Furevold-Boland.png

Marianne Furevold-Boland

Head of Drama

NRK, Norway

Jennifer Green.png

Jennifer Green
Executive Producer

TV2, Denmark

Frank Seyberth.png

Frank Seyberth

International Fiction
Head of co-production

ZDF, Germany

Ales Ree.png

Ales Ree

Executive Producer

NRK, Norway

Toomas Luhats.png

Toomas Luhats
Head of Drama

ERR, Estonia

Steven van Roosmalen.png

Steven van Roosmalen

Commissioning Editor Scripted

Videoland, Holland

Anna Croneman.png

Anna Croneman

Head of Drama

SVT, Sweden

Our sales

For the first time in an EWC Boosting Session, the participants will get to directly collaborate with Sales Agents.

Our advisory group

EWC has surrounded itself with the best advisors within the world of investigative journalism to develop its Boosting Impact session.

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