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Boosting Impact
From facts to fiction

Boosting and accelerating stories for scripted TV series based on true events. Stories with impact.
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Facilitated by
Le Groupe Ouest

Our initiative, Boosting Impact, is designed together with Le Groupe Ouest, who will be the facilitator for both camps.

In collaboration with
La Cité Européenne des Scénaristes



6 TV series projects from 6 different countries will be selected and will follow a common and collective process especially designed for Boosting Impact.


We have built a framework providing a creative environment maximizing the quality of exchanges between writers, producers and broadcasters in the perspective of generating the most consistent path for your TV series. In addition, the researchers (scientists, journalists etc.), who provided the original source material for your story, will be part of the initial process.


Through a sharing space based on trust, the teams will contribute to each other’s projects.

The camps are primarily focused on practice. Your team will explore your project's original material from different angles and perspectives. The potential of your project will be broadened and strengthened through varied creative methods, based on knowledge from cognitive neuroscience, psychology, and pre-writing tools.


Thus, the camps will be your forum for testing and further exploring your ideas, storylines, arenas and characters in a collective creative atmosphere, conducted by the “sparing partners” (tutors) working closely with le Groupe Ouest.

Our Goal

We ensure a highly collaborative, creative safe space with the goal of boosting each story's international TV series potential.

The goal is for your TV series concept to become a strong European series ready for commission. (IP to be shared in good faith).


  • 6x teams of established writers, journalists/documentarists/scientists, producers and broadcasters.

  • 6x documented and investigative stories, in development, for scripted TV series.

  • 2x one-week camps.

  • 2x months in-between the camps where you are expected to further develop your project with deliveries prior to the 2nd camp.

  • 1x concluding two-day pitch conference where broadcasters and other industry decision makers will be invited.

Camp no. 1

08 - 12 April
Hamburg / Germany**

Camp no. 2

10 - 14 June
Galicia / Spain
Copy of Agadic-Xunta de Galicia

Camp no. 3

25 - 27 September
Copenhagen  / Denmark

The teams

Boosting Impact
Selection Process
& History

We selected six teams from different European countries consisting of a writer, a producer, and a journalist, scientist, documentarist, etc., on whose research the idea was based, who were in development with the concept (not in the script stage) when applying. The journalistic or scientific research, on which the story was based, was accessible to the selection committee. If it was an already published book, podcast, documentary, etc., a link was attached. The applying creator/writer had at least one creator’s credit on a TV drama series or had written a minimum of 2 episodes of a TV drama series that had aired in more than 2 countries in the EU (including the country of origin). Emerging writers must have an education related to script writing and have worked in a writers room before.


In 2023, two calls were announced for creative projects during the MIA Market. The first call, organized by the European Writers Club, invited teams composed of a writer, a producer, and an expert on the project's topic. The call opened on October 10th, 2023, and the official closing date was December 31st, 2023, with an extension of 3 days, giving applicants until January 3rd, 2024, to submit their proposals. The second call was issued by the Cité Européenne des Scénaristes, specifically targeting emerging writers. This provided a unique opportunity for new voices to showcase their talents and contribute fresh perspectives to the industry and the selecte teams. The call opened on October 10th, 2023, and closed on December 10th, 2023. The European Writers Club also assisted the Cité Européenne des Scénaristes in spreading the word about their call, ensuring wider reach and participation.

Selection Process
and criteria

We cluded journalists and documentarists (among others) in our Special Advisory Group to provide us with their input and insights on factual stories to be transformed into fiction. These are the different criteria our selection committee evaluated while reviewing each application: 1. Gender diversity 2. Broadcaster recommendation 3. Experience of the writer 4. Low Production Capacity Country 5. Impact – importance and relevance of the true story: - Is the topic of the true story relevant in more than one country? - Is the true story, by nature, crossing borders? Or involving multiple nationalities? - How current and relevant is the subject matter? - How high is the potential for societal impact for this project? Can it create new awareness, make change, etc. - Does the content of the true story include social and cultural diversity? 6. Quality of research and access: - How thorough is the research on the true story conducted? - Does the project have entertainment potential (interesting characters, arena, plot, etc.) and the ability to reach a broader audience? 7. Motivation video/letter: - How satisfying are the videos/letters of motivation from the writer, the researcher/etc., and the producer.


Each of the teams will get remunered as it follows: ​ The selected writer will receive a fee of €6.000 (covering the whole session period: from the 1st camp to the final presentation in Copenhagen).  The journalist, scientist or documentarist will receive a fee of €3.000 for participating in the 1st camp (5 day stay).  ​ The consultant writer will receive a fee of €3.000 for participating in the 2nd camp (5 day stay).  ​ The emerging writer will receive a fee of €1.500 per month for a total of 3 months.  ​ The producer will not receive any remuneration, but will be invited for 2-3 days for each camp.  All expenses (including travel and accommodation) will be covered by EWC for all of the participants.




Throughout the first week, teams explored the universes of their stories through varied creative methods and pre-writing tools facilitated by Le Groupe Ouest. This collaborative effort, supported by broadcasters, sales agents, and emerging writers from across Europe, filled the projects with fresh storylines, opening up new perspectives and possibilities for each universe to grow.

Boosting Impact's Second Camp in Santiago de Compostela!

Boosting Impact will host its second camp from June 10th to 14th, hosted by AGADIC - Axencia Galega das Industrias Culturais

Boosting Impact 1.JPG

Meet the projects and the teams

We are proud to introduce you to the 6 selected teams and projects for Boosting Impact: from Facts to Fiction.

Jesper Fink_edited.jpg

Jesper Fink


by Jesper Fink

DEADLINE unfolds in the world of football. It is not the ball that drives the plot, but the money and the kingpins' willingness to cross boundaries to enrich themselves, by “legal” human trafficking of under aged African football players to the EU. It is a thriller about organized crime in sports with a young female sports journalist as the investigating hero - and it takes place during the real Euro2020 in Copenhagen.

Michael Noer_edited.jpg

Michael Noer

Content provider

Director and creator


Andrea Cecilie Sterll Jaworski.png

Sille Sterll

Producer at Nordisk Film 





Mehdi Ouahab


by Mehdi Ouahab

WHITE GOLD is an international thriller series set against the backdrop of glass-eel trafficking. From the coasts of France to the markets of Asia, glass-eel trafficking is an unknown but lucrative criminal business that illustrates the gap between the short-termism of our consumer societies and the urgency of the environmental crisis.

Nicola legendre_edited.jpg

Nicolas Legendre

Content provider

Journalist, writer and photographer


Jean-François Le Corre.png

Jean-François Le Corre

Producer at Vivement Lundi ! 




Sophie Linnenbaum.png

Sophie Linnenbaum


by Sophie Linnenbaum

A father trying to upload his daughter’s pain, a couple deleting their memories to forget about their grief and a young man hosting other people’s emotions: In the very near future, the Emopod, a small device developed and distributed by the global tech giant Emofair, enables you to upload, store or even outsource your feelings, physical sensations or memories. With the human brain completely decoded, emotional healing is now as easy as fixing broken bones. But is this new technology the Holy Grail it promises to be – or a fatal turn away from everything that makes us human?

Michele Farisco.jpg

Michele Farisco

Content provider



Britta Strampe .png

Britta Strampe

Producer at Bandenfilm





Jochen Laube

Producer at Sommerhaus Serien




Anne Bache-Wiig_edited.jpg

Anna Bache-Wiig



Siv Rajendram Eliassen


by Anna Bache-Wiig & Siv Rajendram Eliassen

In 2011, as the international community prepares to bomb Libya’s dictator out of power, a secret  team from Norway races against time to mediate between rebels and the regime, in a true tale of courage and clandestine diplomacy.

Only Anna Bache-Wiig will be present for Camp 1 and 2.

Henrik Thune.png

Henrik Thune

Content provider

Acadmic, writer, politician and diplomat


Rebecca Mathisen.jpg

Rebecca Mathisen

Producer at Paradox Film




Rodrigo Martín (EWC Writer).jpg

Rodrigo Martín Antoranz


by Rodrigo Martín Antoranz
On a vacation trip to London in 1998, Augusto Pinochet was arrested and accused by a Spanish judge of crimes against Humanity. Valentina, a victim of the dictator’s regime, infiltrates his inner circle for the 503 days that the trial for extradition to Spain lasts to achieve her revenge.
Mario Amorós.png

Mario Amorós

Content provider

journalist, writer and researcher


Alberto Rull.png

Alberto Rull

Producer at Vertice360



Christian Wehrlin .png

Christian Wehrlin


co-writer on GOLD- Pascal-Glatz.jpg

Pascal Glatz


by Christian Wehrlin and Pascal Glatz
GOLD reveals one of the best-kept secrets: neutral Switzerland is a central hub of the illegal international gold trade. Two thirds of the global gold is secretly refined in the heart of Europe and then sold on the world market with the label of clean “Swiss Gold”. GOLD follows the bloody path of the dangerous trade, telling the true stories of the miners and smugglers, refiners and traders, right up to the big profiteers at the end of the line.

Only Christian Wehrlin will be present for Camp 1 and 2.
Muriel Côte.png

Muriel Côte

Content provider

Researcher and senior lecturer


Stefan Eichenberger.png

Stefan Eichenberger

Producer at Contrast Film



Meet the selected Emerging Writers

Six emerging writers from all over Europe have been selected to join, shadow and collaborate with the established teams and their projects. This is the result of a collaboration between EWC and La Cité Européenne des Scénaristes (CES).

Meet our broadcasters

Alongside Boosting Impact, 10 broadcasters will be participating in Boosting Broadcasters.

Tereza Polachová .png

Tereza Polachová
International Fiction
Head of co-production

Ceska Televize, Czech Republic

Morad Koufane.png

Morad Koufane

Head of International Scripted Series

France Télévisions, France

Margrét Jónasdóttir.png

Margrét Jónasdóttir

Deputy Head of TV

Rúv, Iceland

Malin Nevander.png

Malin Nevander

Head of Development

SVT, Sweden

Pernille Bech Christensen.png

Pernille Bech Christensen

Senior Executive Producer in
the Fiction Department

TV2, Denmark

dr, Simone Emmelius.png

Dr. Simone Emmelius

SVP International Fiction
Co-production and Acquisition

ZDF, Germany

Marianne Furevold-Boland.png

Marianne Furevold-Boland

Head of Drama

NRK, Norway

Bettina Alber.png

Bettina Alber

Head of Series

Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen SRF, Switzerland

Jennifer Green.png

Jennifer Green
Executive Producer

TV2, Denmark

Frank Seyberth.png

Frank Seyberth

International Fiction
Head of co-production

ZDF, Germany

Ales Ree.png

Ales Ree

Executive Producer

NRK, Norway

Toomas Luhats.png

Toomas Luhats
Head of Drama

ERR, Estonia

Steven van Roosmalen.png

Steven van Roosmalen

Commissioning Editor Scripted

Videoland, Holland

Anna Croneman.png

Anna Croneman

Head of Drama

SVT, Sweden

Our sales

For the first time in an EWC Boosting Session, the participants will get to directly collaborate with Sales Agents.

Meet our facilitators

These are the people behind the innovative tailor-made Boosting Impact methodology.

Our special advisory group & selection committee

EWC has surrounded itself with the best advisors within the world of investigative journalism to develop its Boosting Impact session. These eight advisors are our jury members for the selection of the Boosting Impact projects.

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